Mirco Welsing, executive manager of TMC – The Marketing Company from Paderborn – was awarded with the golden “Juniorennadel” of the “Wirschaftsjunioren” Germany. This is the highest honoring which is awarded by the “Wirtschaftsjunioren” for extraordinarily commitment.

The reason for the awarding says: “Mirco Welsing achieved enormously lot during his board time and especially in his year as the speaker. These includes the inception of the rookie-program, the inception of a new software for digitalization of the association, the marketing improvement and the PR or the networking with other organizations. Therefore, the honoring is an esteem for his work.”

We are pleased with Mirco Welsing and congratulate him to his golden “Juniorennadel”, which was awarded to him at the sold-out asparagus-ball in the “Kaiserpalais” in Bad Oeynhausen.
The “Wirtschaftsjunioren” Germany are the nationwide biggest association of young entrepreneurs and executives managers.