This action is part of the construction-marketing concept, which is designed by TMC for the „Königsplätze”

Paderborn. The city is reawakening from their winter sleep on 1st and 2nd of April 2017. Gardeners, florists and small artists are attracting guests with a lot of creative actions and extraordinary plantings to visit the city.
This year the „Königsplätze” are part of the ´Spring awakening´: The construction is going to be florally embellished, which should attract customers. Additionally, a king and a queen are spreading out a small gift: Matching to the topic ´Spring awakening` every visitor gets a seed paper in form of an information flyer.
`This action is part of the campaign `The new „Königsplätze”. Taste good. Sound good. Look good.´, Mirco Welsing, executive partner of the TCM GmbH from Paderborn.
´Local stores are affected by the construction. The campaigns goal is to attract customers. We wanna show them that even through the constrction the „Königsplätze” are visitable without regrets. ´
Added to the events are signs, virtual reality views of the new „Königsplätze” and a virtual tour, which completes the construction-marketing.
TMC was taken part of an agency selection process (pitch) and resulted winner with its concept to revive the „Königsplätze”. The realisation is gradually taken place in cooperation with the Paderborner city marketing and the local community group.

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