While studying, assistance from practice can be immensely important. The academics of FH Bielefeld of the teaching unit Economics know that, and so do the students: Questions such as “What branch of study do I choose? What profession suits me? What takes place in everyday work, and how do I apply? “are direction-giving to the future career.

As part of the mentoring program of the University of Applied Sciences Bielefeld in the teaching unit of economic, TMC answers these questions and actively supports an economic psychology. The program is supervised by the dean of the FH Bielefeld, Prof. Dr. Uwe Rössler, and Prof. Dr. Axel Benning. As a contact person, Dr. Stefanie Pannier supports the mentees and mentors, and is also responsible for the mediation of cooperation partners.

TMC managing director Mirco Welsing takes a voluntary commitment for one year: He supports and advices the student Loreen Hennemann regarding diverse issues and concerns. To this end, the tandem holds meetings to exchange views on major fields of study, career goals and networking as well as personal experiences. The accountability with respect to the meetings and what topics will be discussed and reflected, is here at each tandem itself and is solely responsible agreed among themselves.

Furthermore, there is also the reflection of self and others at the center, to ensure not only a professional, but also a social development. In addition, there are many ways to expand the mentoring program by placing an external internship program or pass on to various contacts from other areas.

In addition to the monthly meetings, there is the opportunity to exchange on events with other mentors and mentees and make new contacts.

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