130 is an impressive number. We have put together around 130 marketing methods and tools to show the diversity of what is possible and feasible in today’s marketing. The result: the TMC Marketing universe poster, reflecting a creative marketing overview. The “Marketing Universe” shows a comprehensive reflection of the methods and tools, which are offered by us and our network of freelancers on the multimedia and multi-functional channels of traditional and digital media.

Starting from the topics Online, Offline, and Live Marketing, about 130 disciplines illustrate the breadth and integration options of the marketing universe, which are available to marketeers today. Corporate identity and corporate blogs are represented as well as product launches and public relations. Conventional tools such as events, brochures and flyers are just as little missing as Facebook, Twitter and Xing, which point in the direction of social media and online marketing.
The poster is available for download – or can be made by self-addressed and stamped (1.45 €) C4 envelope free ordered from TMC. And if you want to look at it in colossal size – the TMC meeting room now adorns a marketing universe wallpaper.

To the Marketing Universe (download here)

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