TMC zum Welttag des Buches 2016

Books – repositories of human history, patient teachers, transport mechanisms to the world of our fantasies, and the source of happiness and joy – but also fury and even nervous excitement. Whether we read them on paper or in digital form, books will always be a source of enrichment for society. So to celebrate World Book Day on April 23rd, we gathered a few statements on reading from some of our TMC employees.

Jan recommends“Als Leo Frida suchte und Pumpernickel fand“. (“When Leo went looking for Frida and found Pumpernickel”*)“.


Jan prefers printed books, but increasingly buys ebooks, too.

“They’re stubborn, pig-headed, and won’t talk any more than they have to. That’s a typical cliche about Westphalians. For everyone who wants to find out more about the region and its people, I recommend ‘Als Leo Frida suchte und Pumpernickel fand’ by Mischa-Sarim Vérollet. (now Misha Anouk) The story takes the reader on a humorous journey through Westphalia, and naturally confirms a Westphalian cliche or two! ;-).“ Jan’s book tip for professionals: „Und plötzlich macht es KLICK!: Das Handwerk der Kreativität oder wie die guten Ideen in den Kopf kommen“ (“And Suddenly It Clicked!: The Craft of Creativity, or How to Produce Good Ideas!”*)“ by Bas Kast.


Felix’s favorite book is the kangaroo trilogy by Marc-Uwe Kling.


Felix prefers printed books,but he likes the audio edition best of all, even if he’s already read the book.

Currently, he’s reading „Alles, alles über Deutschland. Halbwissen kompakt“ (“Everything, Everything about Germany: Half-Knowledge in a Compact Form”*)” by Jan Böhmermann. His review, up to this point: Idiocy has never been so much fun!


Katja never buys books online.


She loves nineteenth-century literature, and her favorite book is Theodor Fontane’s “Effi Briest”.

“I don’t buy books from Amazon! In general, I don’t buy them online at all. It’s a matter of principle: I like bookstores. I really like them, and I want to make sure that in the future, I can still go into a bookstore and look at books and buy them there. So I research books online, but I always order and buy them from my local bookseller. It’s just as fast or even faster – and my bookseller even has a delivery service.” Katja is a published author herself: she designed two pixie books for our customer WhiteIT hat sie zwei Pixie-Bücher konzipiert, mit den Titeln “Ben sagt nein“ (“Ben Says No”*) and “Lena sagt nein” (“Lena Says No”*). These books are about the prevention of child pornography in the Internet, and are aimed at children.


Kerstin war schon als Kind Buchautorin!


Ottfried Preußler’s “The Little Water-Sprite” has been Kerstin’s favorite book since she was little.

And Kerstin wrote books as a child! It happened like this: “When I was ten or eleven, I wanted to be a writer more than anything. I wrote a book of short stories. The most important story was ‘Ein Zwerg, der kein Zwerg mehr sein wollte’ (‘A Dwarf Who Didn’t Want to Be a Dwarf Anymore’*).”

Currently, Kerstin is reading ““Große Ärsche auf kleinen Stühlen“ (“Big Asses on Small Chairs”*)” As the mother of a kindergarten child and a member of the parents’ council, she found the title irresistible. By the way, Kerstin is a big advocate of the ebook: when her eyes get tired in the evening, she just turns the background lighting up a notch and increases the print size, and she can go on reading.


Andreas is an Umberto Eco fan.

Andreas Knepper, Texter und Konzepter

He prefers ebooks because they save on bookshelf space.

“My favorite book by Eco is ‘Foucault’s Pendulum’. As with many of Eco’s books, it combines historical knowledge with an exciting story. But it has so many wonderful facets that I’ve already read it three times.” Andreas also likes ebooks because it’s easy and convenient to switch between different books – or, in a pinch, to order a book and take delivery of it in just a few seconds. Currently, he’s reading ““Digitale Transformation“(“Digital Transformation”*)” von Tim Cole – as an ebook.

In the spirit of World Book Day: Read a book or an ebook!