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We help our clients with marketing – strategically and creatively.

Getting the most out of classical marketing – across all channels.

Businesses communicate every day in many different ways, whether via company logos, business cards and websites, image and product brochures, out-of-home advertising, face-to-face contact at trade shows and sales meetings, and through the media with press releases, press conferences and trade articles. These are just a few examples for the wealth of contact points through which your business communicates, not to mention communication through the Web and with digital media.

Structure and a concept are needed for complete and consistent control over all these channels. TMC classic offers conceptualization, design and implementation of marketing communications from a single source. That means you get a strategic marketing plan, including flanking campaign management. That’s the advantage of a marketing agency as opposed to a dedicated advertising agency.

Thanks to the expertise of our TMC digital unit, we can also provide a combination of classical and digital marketing.

Our services


TMC classic produces marketing concepts that help you achieve your business and sales goals.

Communications design

Every marketing tool has to fit your brand and be consistent with all of your company’s communications. Our communications designers see to that. 


The right words in the right place are the key to successful communication with customers, the press and the public.


Video content is booming. Videos posted on company websites, in social media and on online shops are more likely to be viewed and have enormous viral power.


We not only establish the basis for successful marketing, we also make it happen, partly with the powerful support of our specialized network partners.


from our classic unit

How we work

We have a defined process for every one of our services. That makes it easy for you to follow every step we take together. You have complete control at all times over the services you receive from us. And of course our creativity is an integral part of each process. The result is the best possible solution for the unique challenges facing your business.

We assign each project to one of our four units (TMC consult, TMC classic, TMC digital, TMC live). Behind these units is a large, interdisciplinary team. We assemble a new team for each project – specially tailored to the project’s needs.

The agency

As a marketing agency, we have been developing integrated, cross-media marketing strategies for more than 20 years – and implementing them for business clients of every size. Read more.

Four units, one strong team

TMC classic is one of our four units. It’s backed by a strong team: TMC GmbH. Our specialty is integrated marketing services, implemented efficiently, creatively and reliably. Get to know us here.

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