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Digital strategies lead brands – to success.

Digital marketing strategies have to be focused on the user.

It’s a digital world. The Internet is where your customers find out about products, manufacturers and service providers, discuss trends and technology in forums, and use mobile devices for their business. React with a strategy for your digital marketing.

The range of services from TMC digital includes website creation and search engine optimization (SEO), social media management and online advertising, and also solutions for automated marketing and virtual/augmented reality. Let’s look into the possibilities together.

Our services


We can create or relaunch your website from end to end.

Search engine marketing

SEM has to be an integral component of your digital strategy.

Social media

Social networks belong to business communication. They’re a central point of contact for employer branding, put brands in the spotlight and can do much more besides …

Display advertising

Enhance your web marketing with focused ad formats.

Marketing automation

More and more marketing processes can be automated. What was once a long and expensive slog can now be done with a click.

E-mail marketing

One of today’s most frequently used communications media is e-mail. With us it becomes a customer loyalty tool.

Other digital technologies

Do you need an app? Or maybe a virtual reality game for a trade show? Are you thinking about manufacturing products with 3D printing? Whatever it is, we know our stuff when it comes to new technologies, and we’d be happy to put them to work for you.


from our digital unit

How we work

We have a defined process for every one of our services. That makes it easy for you to follow every step we take together. You have complete control at all times over the services you receive from us. And of course our creativity is an integral part of each process. The result is the best possible solution for the unique challenges facing your business.

We assign each project to one of our four units (TMC consult, TMC classic, TMC digital, TMC live). Behind these units is a large, interdisciplinary team. We assemble a new team for each project – specially tailored to the project’s needs.

The agency

As a marketing agency, we have been developing integrated, cross-media marketing strategies for more than 20 years – and implementing them for business clients of every size. Read more.

Four units, one strong team

TMC digital is one of our four units. It’s backed by a strong team: TMC GmbH. Our specialty is integrated marketing services, implemented efficiently, creatively and reliably. Get to know us here.


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